Monogram Black Keychain

Monogram Black Keychain

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  • Created by altering a pre-loved LV bag
  • Keychain size: 4" x 1"
  • Key ring diameter: 1"
  • Zinc alloy hardware
  • Dark Grey leather backing - made from a supple premium goat leather imported from France
  • Chrome Silver hardware

Made strictly with 100% authentic designer material.

Patterns and symbols on each keychain will vary from photos shown as no two keychains are the same. Not every keychain will include the LV symbol. Each piece is one of a kind. 

Relujo and its products are not affiliated with the brands used in creating each item in any way. Each piece is created by altering authenticated pre-loved designer bags purchased lawfully from luxury consignment stores 
to create unique, handmade, custom works of art.